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Lab & Analytical


A-790 Amperometric Titrator

This Wallace & Tiernan ProductsTitrator is ideal for the precise measurement of chlorine residuals, including  very low residuals,  in  municipal and  industrial water and wastewater  treatment  for the calibration  of on-line analytical  equipment.  It is also  used at large  swimming pools  and  in  food plants,  bottling  plants,  and research  and development facilities  to calibrate  automatic  residual-recording and control equipment.  It is easy to understand and operate.  This encourages frequent testing,  makes  for  close control  of  the  chlorination process.  The unit is suitable for the residual tests in Standard Methods and ASTM METHOD D-1253.





TMS561 Turbidimeter 
The TMS 561 is specifically designed for continuous on-line measurement of turbidity in filtered or raw water in municipal and industrial water treatment plants as well as final effluent in wastewater applications.