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When you take the time and trouble to select the best possible process equipment and to invest in quality, you should get top performance.  That's exactly what you can expect if you have Wallace & Tiernan process equipment in your plant, especially if you back the equipment with a regularly scheduled preventive-maintenance program provided by Borges & Mahoney Inc.  With this type of on-going care your equipment will operate more efficiently.  You'll have far less worry about unexpected breakdowns, loss of production time, and expensive emergency repairs.

Quality equipment plus preventive maintenance equals dependable operation and minimum downtime, there's no question about it.  Equipment that is properly maintained is dependable and will give you optimum performance with minimum unscheduled downtime.

To ensure maximum service life and minimize costly repairs, we recommend a program of regular preventive maintenance in accordance with your specific equipment's Operations & Maintenance Manual.

Borges & Mahoney is an authorized Wallace & Tiernan Service Provider and all our service personnel are factory trained and ready to handle complete services to W&T's highest standards with only genuine W&T parts. 

 Regularly scheduled maintenance will help you:

         *  Budget your maintenance costs

             *  Minimize unscheduled downtime and expensive emergency repairs

                 *  Extend the life of new equipment

                     * Keep older equipment running like new

                        *  Reduce chances of equipment failure due to worn parts,

                             dirt and material build-up, lack of lubrication, 

                               off calibration, etc